Fulfill your chopper fantasy with a one-hour helicopter flight from Aviation Junction for only R2 299 (value: R3 950)

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Aviation Junction gives you wings!

For thousands of years man has pursued the quest for flight. For many of us the experience of flying has been limited to commercial flights, which often feels so far removed from the actual act of flying that we might as well be sitting on a bus, but no more! Aviation Junction presents the opportunity of a lifetime – you can explore the heavens for an hour in one of their helicopters and even have the opportunity to do some of the flying. 

The flight takes the form of a "mini" flying lesson. You will be looked after by an experienced instructor and shown around the aircraft before taking to the skies. The instructor will demonstrate the basic operation of the aircraft and then hand over the controls to you – for an unforgettable flying experience.

Now THAT is flying!